Radio Dayz!...The Podcast

Radio Dayz...The Podcast Radio before TV was invented with Bob Burnham

March 31, 2023 Ron Robinson Studios Season 3 Episode 13
Radio Dayz!...The Podcast
Radio Dayz...The Podcast Radio before TV was invented with Bob Burnham
Show Notes

Radio Dayz...The Podcast is a podcast radio program that explores the world of terrestrial radio, its DJ's and on-air personalities and you all the fans of radio as a medium...come take a look inside radio through the eyes of those who have worked behind the scenes of radio...
Despite both Bob and I having Video Technical Difficulties, The Show must go on..

HELLO AND WELCOME TO the  RADIO DAYZ!..The Podcast... You can hear this podcast on buszzsprout and all the major podcast platforms..and you can also watch this podcast via youtube and at ron robinson FYI... I have some amazing guests coming up for you in the weeks and months aheads who will tell their story and discuss their careers in and around please... dont forget to make Radio Dayz the podcast..,a place you come back to every week. ... Doing something a little differnet today...bit of a specialty show...In todays episode which is brought to you by Radio Dayz the Movie and Team 71 Mortgage Group in Shelby Twp.. we are going to take a dive into old timey radio..
radio serials like jack benny... Abbott and costello and other variety show programs at one time ruled the radio airwaves around the country..
Todays topic is the medium of radio before televison was invented...What was on the radio before TV?  To help me do this today...I want to bring in a gentleman who we featured in episode 28 of season 1...A man I worked with at Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts. Right now currently My guest this week hosts a radio program on WHFR.FM 89.3 in Dearborn on the campus at Henry Ford College...Ladies and Gentlemen Please welcome Mr. Bob Burnham

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