Radio Dayz!...The Podcast

Radio Dayz...The Podcast Small Market Radio vs Major Market Radio with Shaun Kelly

April 07, 2023 Ron Robinson Studios Season 3 Episode 14
Radio Dayz!...The Podcast
Radio Dayz...The Podcast Small Market Radio vs Major Market Radio with Shaun Kelly
Show Notes

Radio Dayz...The Podcast is a podcast radio program that explores the world of terrestrial radio, its DJ's and on-air personalities and you all the fans of radio as a medium...come take a look inside radio through the eyes of those who have worked behind the scenes of radio...

HELLO AND WELCOME to another episode of RADIO DAYZ...The Podcast... You can hear this podcast on buzzsprout and all the major podcast platforms and you can also watch this podcast via youtube and at todays show we are going to discuss the major differences between small market radio and large or major market help me do this I will be joined by a gentleman who I worked with in Benton Harbor Michigan and like myself has worked in both small and large market radio...Mr. Shaun Kelly from Chicago will be joining us.... but first in case you haven't heard, Radio Dayz...the docuseries is in post production and will be available for release very soon so stay tuned for upcoming release dates...also
don't forget to make Radio Dayz...the Podcast, a place you come back to every week. 
In todays episode which is brought to you by Radio Dayz...the Movie and Team 71 Mortgage Group in Shelby Twp...we will be taking a dive into the differences in working at a small marker radio station and a major market station...believe it or not they are not run the same....

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