Radio Dayz!...The Podcast

Radio Dayz...The Podcast with Special Guest Greg St. James

June 09, 2023 Ron Robinson Studios Season 3 Episode 23
Radio Dayz!...The Podcast
Radio Dayz...The Podcast with Special Guest Greg St. James
Show Notes

Radio Dayz...The Podcast is a podcast radio program that explores the world of terrestrial radio, its DJ's and on-air personalities and you all the fans of radio as a medium...come take a look inside radio through the eyes of those who have worked behind the scenes of radio...

HELLO AND WELCOME TO the  RADIO DAYZ!..The Podcast... you can hear this podcast on buszzsprout as well as all the major podcast platforms like spotify and apple can also watch this podcast via youtube and at ron robinson this Episode which is brought to you by Brian Alore from Team 71 Mortgage group and Radio Dayz the Movie...we are going to take a dive into the new Cobra what is Radio Cobra you ASK...well if you are on social media yuo have likely seen some video clips promoting this new radio movement..but to help find out what all the hubub is about ..I welcome the man responsibel for last weeks soft launce of Radio Cobra Detroit ...former WABX Jock and one of the people responsible for creating and launching the historic  89X..ladies and geneltemen please welcome Mr. Muchacho himself...Greg St James

I do want to give you a quick update on the progress of my documentary about the history of Terrestrial Radio.  After 9 years of this labor of love, it's all but complete.  In fact, I decided to edit it into two different productions: a condensed 2-hour movie and a 5-part docuseries.  

Early feedback has been very positive. My last hurdle in production is to raise the $16,000 that Getty Images is charging for the copyrights to some critical images needed to tell the story.  I just launched a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising some of the necessary funds.  If you'd like to donate, please click the link will get a mention in the credits.

If you're not able contribute, my ask is that you share the go fund me page with as many people as possible within your sphere of influence...Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

I want to thank you for tuning into this podcast... I really appreciate it...if you are enjoying this podcast...share it with your friends and if there's a radio personality...current, former or otherwise that you'd like to hear more about...shoot me an email at

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