Radio Dayz!...The Podcast

Radio Dayz...The Podcast with Special Guest Buzz Van Houten

January 07, 2022 Ron Robinson Studios Season 2 Episode 21
Radio Dayz!...The Podcast
Radio Dayz...The Podcast with Special Guest Buzz Van Houten
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Radio Dayz! is a podcast radio program that explores the world of terrestrial radio...its DJ's and on-air personalities and you all the fans of radio as a medium...come take a look inside radio through the eyes of those who have worked behind the mic of radio

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I am very excited about todays guest, however unless you have worked in broadcasting you may not recognize his name... but don't let that fool guest today has just about seen it all and he's here to talk about it...Over the last 50 years my guest today has served in sales and in management at some of the most iconic radio stations in Detroit...He was also a former manager for Bob Segar...Ladies and Gentlemen...please welcome Mr.  Buzz Van Houten

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Movie Update
Please Welcome Buzz Van Houten
Early memories of radio
"I did not write that song" (Man in the Glass)
Hideout Records
Working for Bog Seger cut short by Uncle Sam
Mark Parenteau and the WABX "Air Aces"
Getting into radio as a job
Sales and Management
The Detroit Radio Rock Wars
John O' Leary
I left W4 for WRIF
D.R.E.A.D. and Disco Demolition
Ken Calvert
Arthur P & Maui Time
I left WRIF after a GM change
Tune in next week for Part 2 with Buzz Van Houten